Business and Operations Consultant

Business and Operations Consultant

Business and Operations ConsultantBusiness and Operations Consultant

Extracting Operational Excellence!

What We Do


About Us


JEWAL Consulting & Data Mining is a Business and Operations Consulting company providing services to companies in the Southwest Ontario region. We  provide clients with Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, interim Senior Leadership, and Automation and Technology Tools, including: Digitization, Process Improvements, and Data Analysis & Mining to enable companies during growth, restructuring or tactical operations to achieve greater performance.


Our Mandate


Our vision is to help provide a clear business path for manufacturing and service companies to journey on. We will assist them; their customers and their employees, to be more successful and ready for the future, and ever evolving, global economies.

Our mission to accomplish this is by providing clear and concise operational guidance, managing key projects and initiatives, on-time, on budget and with quality results.  We will do this while leveraging technology, data, experiences, intuition and leadership to enable companies to achieve a greater financial return. 

Our core values will be centered on:  Sense of Responsibility, Driving Results, High Ethics and Integrity.


Our Expertise


I am a Technology savvy business leader who is highly adaptable and has developed successful Operating systems independent of industry sector. I rely on long term vision, coupled with digitization, quality and continuous improvement tools, to efficiently drive operational processes leading to sustained bottom-line improvements at Manufacturing Plants, Medical Laboratories and IT Groups.